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John Gough


From a background in teaching and educational book publishing, John moved to establish a broad base of experience in the entertainment television format industry and, is recognised as one of the early pioneers of this industry sector which has seen the UK as a leading exporter. For over thirty years John created, developed, produced and distributed shows internationally.

John created and co-developed the hit television 'In The Dark' entertainment formats. As a flying producer he produced versions in the UK for ITV and Channel 5 as well as producing versions internationally for the world's leading broadcasters in 25 other countries from the USA to Japan.


The contacts John made with international broadcasters lead to him organising the prestigious annual conference programme at the Rose d'Or Entertainment Television Festival in Switzerland. Subsequently this lead to the co-founding of the Entertainment Masterclass (Berlin), an international peer-to-peer education programme, The EMC designs courses that give the international entertainment television community closer contact with each other, as well as offering opportunities for personal and business development.

During this time, John was a jury member for various television awards from the Emmys, the Rose d'Or, the Format Awards in Monte Carlo through to becoming a voting member at BAFTA. John has also been a major contributor to many of the major publications concerning entertainment television formats and the global format industry.

JJCurrent :

  •  A University visiting lecturer and extra-curricular programme organiser at several UK Universities Including London and Cambridge University.

  • A Co-Founder and Head of Mentoring at the Entertainment Masterclass (Berlin) 

  • The TV industry's global peer to peer education programme. 

  • A voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

  • A board member of Boxatricks Entertainment Television 

  • The BOXATRICKS Creative Team brings together the creators of  'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and 'The Weakest Link'    

  • A flying producer for the 'In The Dark' game show formats.

  • The format Produced in 25 countries to date

  • President of the MIPTV  (Cannes) University and TV Industry Pitching Programme 

  • Entertainment Television Format Consultant

  • To individual creators and to production companies.  

  • A member of the Creative Faculty at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA Programme

Sally Steggall

Events Consultant      www.safisanaevents.com


With thirty years experience in the events and exhibitions business primarily within  the media industry Sally specialises in the creation, production, logistics and planning of UK and International corporate events, both face-to-face and online, for high profile industry clients.

In 2011, after working as Head of Events for the commercial arm of the BBC Sally launched her own events consultancy working with some of the leading brands in a variety of industry sectors. 

Masterclass Cambridge works in close association with Safi Sana Events to streamline the planning and delivery of its content to the highest professional standards.

Entertainment Master Class


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