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     Entertainment Television Show Creation and Production

   Masterclass Cambridge  working in the UK and Internationally across several disciplines 

Masterclass Cambridge has its roots in the UK and international television entertainment business with direct experience in both show creation, and running peer-to-peer educational programmes.

With our experience and contacts we are able to develop bespoke educational and business based master classes and events for a broad range of business and educational sectors where we can incorporate  creative industry best-practice.

Television is a sector of the creative industries that is a powerhouse of creative talent across all areas. These areas range from creating shows to production through marketing, selling, business affairs and branding.

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Event Management

Masterclass Cambridge draws upon the people, knowledge and best practices of this giant within the creative industries to add value to any business or educational sector to develop everyday strategies for individual and corporate growth. We engage leading Television business and creative practitioners to structure their knowledge and creative practices into a format that makes it of benefit to other business sectors.





In Detail



   Master Classes, Expert Panels,

Creativity Workshops, Networking Lunches and University Extra Curricular Events


Consultancy, Entertainment Format Creation, Development and Production 



Edutainment is a core philosophy of our events and masterclasses where participants gain knowledge

and share experiences in an educational and entertaining context.

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Masterclass Cambridge

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